Overcoming Jealousy

The Overcoming Jealousy IQ Matrix explores the steps you can take to help you feel more secure about yourself and about your relationship with other people. It’s important to mention here that jealousy is not the same as feeling envious. Jealousy is a three person situation, while envy is a two person situation. This map defines what jealousy is and provides you with a six step process you can use to ward off your jealous feelings in an optimal way. 

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Overcoming Jealousy IQ Matrix:

  • What is Jealousy?: The first branch outlines what jealousy is all about, how it tends to linger in our lives, and the negative effects it has on us as well as on other people.
  • Overcoming Jealousy: The second and third branches of this map explore a six step process you can use to help you overcome any jealous feelings you are struggling with. This process presents you with a common sense approach for dealing with jealousy.
  • Further Guidelines: The final branch of this map presents several practical guidelines and ideas that will help you to overcome your feelings of jealousy over the long haul.

As you progressively work through this map you will start to feel more secure about yourself and in the value, you offer to other people. With this security, you will grow in confidence and as a result, will no longer indulge in crippling feelings of jealousy. Instead, you will refocus all your thoughts and attention into making the most of your own life and circumstances.

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