Overcome Struggle

The Overcome Struggle IQ Matrix explores what to do when life seems to be getting the better of you. You know those times when all you want to do is quit. When one too many setback and problems leave you feeling depressed and discouraged, that’s when this mind map will be of most value. The mind map specifically breaks down what to stop doing and what to start doing to help you get back on track and actively pursuing your goals. These guidelines will give you the clarity of mind you need to make more optimal decisions when facing adversity.Overcome Struggle mind map

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Overcome Struggle IQ Matrix:

  • STOP: When facing tough times, it’s important to immediately reflect on the things that could potentially be manifesting your struggles. This first branch walks you through what to stop doing to help give you the clarity of mind to make better decisions moving forward.
  • START: When facing tough times, it’s important to upgrade how you think about your life and circumstances. Your thoughts are the things that will help you work through your struggles. This second branch challenges you to start thinking about your life and circumstances in more optimal and helpful ways.
  • ADOPT: To overcome your struggles you need to start doing things a little differently. This third branch takes you through several empowering beliefs while also challenging you to develop productive habits that will help build momentum toward your goals.
  • COMMIT: Overcoming struggle requires a commitment on your part to turning things around. Without this commitment, nothing will ever change. This final branch walks you through several commitments you must make to yourself to help you successfully work through your struggles.

Use this map as a reference guide and reminder tool to help you work through life’s setbacks, problems, and the persistent struggles that many individuals face while pursuing worthy and meaningful goals.

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