Maximizing Effectiveness

The Maximizing Effectiveness IQ Matrix will help you to maximize your output at work, enabling you to become more productive and far more effective throughout the day. The mind map explores how to boost your creativity, how to manage your time more effectively, how to enhance productivity, how to prioritize your tasks, how to reduce stress, and how to assess your progress.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Maximizing Effectiveness IQ Matrix:

  • Boosting Creativity:  Breaks down the process of creativity and how it can be used to help you maximize your effectiveness throughout the day.
  • Managing Time:  Identifies fundamental time management principles that you can follow to help you maximize your effectiveness throughout the day.
  • Boosting Productivity:  Presents several ideas, suggestions and tips that will help you to boost your productivity and as a result your effectiveness throughout the day.
  • Prioritization:  Teaches you the fundamentals of how to prioritize your tasks and activities in order to maximize your effectiveness throughout the day.
  • Reducing Stress:  When we are stressed we don’t tend to get a lot done. This branch goes into techniques you can use to reduce your stress levels and as a result maximize your output throughout the day.
  • Assessing Progress:  Breaks down the importance of assessing the progress you are making towards your goals and objectives on a regular basis, and how this will help you to maximize your effectiveness in the long-run.

Stick with these principles and guidelines, memorize the strategies and incorporate the suggestions into your life, and you will progressively save time and maximize your output and effectiveness throughout the day.

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