Ignite Ambition

The Ignite Ambition IQ Matrix explores how to find the ambition you need to create the necessary momentum to help you achieve your goals. Sometimes a person might have absolutely everything going for them in every way, however they are missing that small spark and “burning desire” to pursue their goals with the passion and energy required to attain high levels of success. Therefore, if you’re missing that spark or have simply lost your ambition due to changes in your life, then this map can certainly help you find it once again.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Ignite Ambition IQ Matrix:

  • Understanding Ambition:  Having ambition isn’t simply about having a big goal somewhere on the horizon. That by itself is not ambition; it is nothing more but a task. And we all know that “tasks” are often left undone. To be ambitious requires certain things from you. These are essentially the sacrifices that you must make in order to live an ambitious life. This first branch explores what ambition requires from you and also delves into how ambition is tied to your physiology and state-of-mind.
  • The Mindset of Ambitious People:  The next two branches of this map explore the mindset, qualities, habits, decisions, behaviors and actions of ambitious people. By working your way through these two branches you will discover what it really takes to live an ambitious and passionate life in the pursuit of your most desired goals.
  • Re-Igniting Lost Ambition:  The final branch of this map delves into re-igniting lost ambition. At one point in your life you might have been extremely ambitious and goal-oriented. However, somewhere down the line something might have happened that extinguished that flame. This branch provides you with numerous suggestions that will help you to once again re-ignite that lost ambition and get yourself back on track in the pursuit of your goals.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively begin to light that flame in your heart that will eventually turn to a burning passionate desire. It is then up to you to use that passion and desire to raise your standards and expectations and pursue your goals with a greater sense of urgency than ever before. That is after all what is required to ignite your ambition.

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