Healthy Boundaries

The Healthy Boundaries IQ Matrix explores the value of developing healthy boundaries that give you the freedom, time and space to be yourself. Of course developing healthy boundaries isn’t always easy. Healthy boundaries must effectively support your needs and values while giving you the freedom you seek, however they must not be so rigid and inflexible that they isolate you from everyone else. This IQ Matrix explores three key areas. First, it walks you through what healthy boundaries are all about. Next, it outlines when it’s necessary to create healthy boundaries, and finally takes you through a six step process for developing healthy boundaries.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Healthy Boundaries IQ Matrix:

  • Healthy Boundaries: The first branch of this map explores what it means to set healthy boundaries. It’s important to develop healthy boundaries because they effectively protect your self-esteem, psyche, integrity, choices, privacy, behavior, well-being, time, emotions, beliefs and space. However, there are a several things you need to understand about healthy boundaries that can help you make better choices moving forward.
  • When to Create Boundaries: This second branch examines the signals you need to look out for that hint to you that you need to start developing more healthy boundaries. At times though, it’s not about building new boundaries, but rather about strengthening existing boundaries to help give you the freedom, space and time to be yourself.
  • Building Healthy Boundaries: The final branch of this map unlocks a six step process you can start using today to begin building healthy boundaries. The key in the process lies in understanding what it is you want based on your values and needs, followed by effectively communicating these boundaries to others in a respectful manner. Then of course the final challenge is to hold the fort and maintain these healthy boundaries over the long-term.

Progressively working through this map and integrating these concepts and ideas into your psyche will help you to start building healthy social, work and relationship boundaries that allow you to look after your own needs by giving you the freedom, time and space to focus on yourself so that you can then have the energy required to give your very best to others. This is of course not about selfishness, but rather about self-care. Look after yourself first will put you in the right frame-of-mind to do the same for others.

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