Harnessing Enthusiasm

The Harnessing Enthusiasm IQ Matrix explores how to effectively use the power of enthusiasm to boost your productivity, optimize your results and achieve your goals. When we get into the habit of bringing enthusiasm into everything we do life just becomes easier. In fact, enthusiasm is a force that will enhance your relationships, communication skills and opportunities; it will boost your energy; it will keep you focused and will make it easier to work through life’s problems. In fact, through the simple act of cultivating more enthusiasm you will have more zest for life and this will naturally improve your happiness and lead to more fulfilment and enjoyment of life. This IQ Matrix will show you exactly how to harness enthusiasm so that you can make full use of it every single day of your life.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Harnessing Enthusiasm IQ Matrix:

The first branch of this map breaks down what it means to feel insecure about something. Moreover, this branch explores why we tend to feel insecure, and outlines how insecurity tends to lead to specific types of compensatory behavior. Understanding this behavior can help you to better recognize your levels of insecurity under different conditions. Likewise it will help you to better recognize other people’s levels of insecurity based on how they respond to you or to circumstances.

The first branch of this map explores the true value of enthusiasm and the benefits it can bring into our lives. Knowing about these benefits is however not enough. You must also understand what enthusiasm requires from you before you are able to make full use of it in your life. Only once you understand this can you begin the process of developing your enthusiasm.

The second branch walks you through this developmental process. It specifically breaks down a four step process you can use to help you harness more enthusiasm each day of your life. The process includes identifying your passions and purpose, outlining your goals, developing rituals, and committing yourself to following through with your desired actions. However, following this process alone probably won’t be enough to get you the results you are after. What you need is an understanding of how to arouse enthusiasm when you need it most.

The third branch outlines how to arouse your enthusiasm using various methods and in a variety of situations. Once you understand how to arouse your enthusiasm using these methods, your enthusiasm will always carry you forward when motivation is lacking.

The final branch of the map explores various guidelines of what to do and things to avoid doing to help you maintain high levels of enthusiasm throughout the day.

Progressively working through this map will help you to harness the necessary enthusiasm you need to help boost your productivity and optimize your results while you work toward your goals. However, living with enthusiasm of course does much, much more. When you begin living with more enthusiasm your life will naturally just get better. It is after all a powerful force that will transform how you think about your life and circumstances in optimal ways.

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