Getting Organized

The Getting Organized IQ Matrix will help you to raise your levels of productivity while boosting your effectiveness throughout the day using simple suggestions that will help you to better organize your environment and life. The mind map breaks down a six step process for getting organized while also providing you with a variety of guidelines for organizing your life.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Getting Organized IQ Matrix:

  • Being Organized:  Highlights what being organized actually means and the positive impact that being organized can have on your life and on your levels of productivity.
  • The Organization Process Part 1:  Breaks down the first three steps of a simple yet very effective process that will help you to get and stay organized throughout the day.
  • The Organization Process Part 2:  Outlines the final three steps of the Getting Organized process. Each step builds on the previous step — providing you with a simple yet effective plan of action to organize your environment, office and life.
  • Organization Tips:  Presents you with a variety of tips and guidelines that will help you to organize your home, finances, and life.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively develop the necessary habits to organize your life, environment and mind.

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