The Enthusiast: Enneagram Personality Type 7

The Enthusiast (Enneagram Personality Type 7) IQ Matrix explores the seventh of nine Enneagram Personality Types as described within The Wisdom of the Enneagram, written by Don Richard Riso. Each of the nine personality types are represented by the points of a geometric figure called an enneagram. This enneagram shows how different types of personality are interconnected in various ways. This particular map breaks down different aspects of The Enthusiast Personality type. Working through this map will help you to better understand what this personality type is like and how to recognize it within yourself and within those around you.The Enthusiast: Enneagram Personality Type 7

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of The Enthusiast IQ Matrix:

The map examines the fears and motivations of an Enthusiast personality type, as well as how they were as a child. It lists typical strengths and struggles that The Enthusiast experiences over the course of a lifetime. It breaks down three levels of a Reformer’s personality. These levels explore what The Enthusiast is like and how they interact with the world around them at a healthy level, at a baseline (average) level, and at an unhealthy level. The map further provides how to get along with an Enthusiast personality type in social situations, and offers some transformational guidelines for growth and development of the Enthusiast personality.

As you work through this map, you will progressively gain deeper insights and understandings into The Enthusiast personality type. Using this knowledge you will better understand yourself as well as other people. You can then use these insights to either transform your own life or as a tool to help you positively influence the behavior of those around you.

For more information about Enneagram Personality Types, please see The Enneagram Institute.

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