Become an Early Riser

The Become an Early Riser IQ Matrix explores the value of starting your day in an optimal way first thing in the morning. Many of us struggle to get out of bed in the morning. The bed just feels so warm and comfortable. In an ideal world, we would sleep in for as long as possible. However, we have responsibilities and possibly a job to go to. We work the 9 to 5 shift and then come back home feeling exhausted. We just never find the time to exercise, to meditate, to journal, or to work on our goals. This IQ Matrix shows you what it takes to be an early riser so that you can find the time you need to focus on the most important stuff. Become an Early Riser

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Become an Early Riser IQ Matrix:

  • The Benefits of Rising Early: The first branch of this mind map explores the benefits of becoming an early riser. Rising early before the vast majority of the population presents you with unique opportunities to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find the time for.
  • Preparation for Rising Early: The second branch of this mind map breaks down how to prepare yourself for developing the habit of rising early. These are specific guidelines you can follow and questions to ask yourself to help you find the motivation you need to develop this empowering morning habit.
  • What to do Before Bedtime: The third branch of this mind map walks you through what to do before going to bed so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and raring to go in the morning. Having a consistent bedtime routine can help you to develop the habit or rising early in the morning.
  • What to do Early Morning: Within the final branch of this mind map, you will discover what to do upon waking in the morning that will help you to get out of bed with enthusiasm and energy. By following these guidelines you are sure to get into the habit of rising early every morning.

As you work through this map, you will progressively gain deeper insights and understandings that will help you develop the habit of rising early. As a result, you will find the time to do the important stuff that will help you live life in more optimal ways.

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