Decision Filters

The Decision Filters IQ Matrix explores how we assimilate, process, and integrate information from our environment and how that affects our daily choices and decisions.

The decisions we make can either empower us or limit us. They can either move us toward our goals or pull us in the other direction. On the surface, information, is, of course, neutral. It doesn’t hold any real power over us. It’s rather how we interpret and personalize that information that determines the effect it has on our lives.

This map walks you through a series of filters that we use to process information from our external environment. Understanding these filters will help you become more aware of how you’re processing information, conversations, and the feedback you receive from your surroundings. You can then use that awareness to take conscious control of these filters and, therefore, optimize the decisions you make each day.

Decision Filters

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of this map:

  • INFORMATION ABSORPTION FILTER: The first filter relies upon the attention you give to certain things within your environment. More specifically, it’s your conscious filter that chooses what you will focus on at any given moment. Choose to focus on something else and you immediately draw a different set of experiences and information to your conscious awareness.
  • INFORMATION INTERPRETATION FILTER: The second filter processes this information and tries to make sense of it all. The filter interprets the information pulled from the environment and gives it meaning. These meanings are, however, based on personal biases and generalizations that shape how we interpret people, things and the events in our environment.
  • INFORMATION PERSONALIZATION FILTER: The third filter personalizes our interpretations of that information. It takes this information and internalizes it in a way that matches pre-existing beliefs, expectations, values, and world view. It filters this information using these conditioned patterns which affect how we think, feel and ultimately respond.
  • INFORMATION APPLICATION FILTER: The fourth filter is our response filter. Here we choose how to respond to the information or stimuli. We can either give in to our pre-existing conditioned patterns and react accordingly, or we can consciously choose to respond in a far more optimal, objective, and help way. All of which, ultimately leads to a decision that impacts our lives in a multitude of ways.

Use this map as a reference guide and reminder tool that helps you to consciously utilize these decision filters to make better and more optimal choices throughout the day.

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