Consistency in Action

The Consistency in Action IQ Matrix explores how taking consistent action over an extended period of time is more valuable than short bursts of massive undertaking. Success in any field of endeavor comes down to dedicating yourself to the development of critical habits that will help you attain your desired objectives. And of course these habits are built upon the regular actions you take and the activities you partake in over an extended period of time. By developing the habit, you create consistency, and with consistency you produce your desired results over the long-term. If there was a secret to success, then this might very well be it.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Consistency in Action IQ Matrix:

  • It’s All About Consistency:  This first branch of this map explores what being consistent is all about. To be consistent means to be a certain way in the way you act and even think about your actions. But maintaining consistency over the long-term isn’t easy, which is why many people find it very difficult to sustain. They don’t quite understand that consistency isn’t about perfection or quick results, it’s rather about making incremental progress over time.
  • What Consistency Demands:  Within the second branch of this map we explore what it takes to develop the habit of consistency. For instance it takes thorough planning and forward thinking to prepare your routine and schedule ahead of time in order to make room for the necessary actions and activities you need to undertake in order to achieve your desired goal. Consistency also requires an understanding of the power contained within the present moment and how small actions over time create a snowball effect over the long-term.
  • Taking Consistent Action:  The third branch explores what taking consistent action truly means. Here you will find several questions that will help you begin developing a plan to take consistent action towards your desired goals and objectives. Then as you begin taking this action you will face challenges. It’s not easy to stay consistent over the long haul. You will experience discomfort and other challenges that this branch addresses.
  • Staying Consistent Over Long-term:  Consistency wouldn’t be “consistent” if it wasn’t something that you couldn’t commit to over the long haul. Within this final branch we look at what it means to stay consistent and stick with focusing on the execution of your actions day-in and day-out persistently over time. This isn’t going to be an easy process, but if you stick with it you will reap the rewards for staying consistent in the future. Where others quit, you persist, and that makes all the difference.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life and you will progressively develop the necessary habits that will create the momentum you need to sustain and maintain consistent action over the long-term to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives.

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