Changing a Paradigm

The Changing a Paradigm IQ Matrix explores how to progressively change the paradigms you have adopted over a lifetime. Paradigms are a collection of accumulated habits, beliefs, perspectives, assumptions, and values that are lodged into your subconscious. They influence everything you do and say. Furthermore, they influence what you believe is or isn’t possible.

Paradigms control how much money you earn, the self-sabotaging habits you indulge in, and what you consistently fail to achieve. They are very much like mental programs that control every aspect of your life. This map will help you to better understand the paradigms that are influencing your life. It will also show what it takes to change your paradigms and thereby your behavior and results.

Changing a Paradigm

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Changing a Paradigm IQ Matrix:

  • Personal Paradigms: The first branch of this map explores what personal paradigms are. Moreover, it breaks down what specific aspects of our lives these paradigms control and influence.
  • Collective Paradigms: The second branch of this map examines collective paradigms and how they are formed. These are global paradigms that we share as a human species that have been conditioned into the human psyche over the course of thousands of years and many generations.
  • Shifting Paradigms: The third branch of this map outlines several things you can immediately do that will help you begin shifting your personal paradigms. It will encourage you to start questioning various aspects of your life where you might be holding onto outdated paradigms.
  • Changing Paradigms: The final branch of this map walks you through a set of self-analysis questions that you can use to help you progressively change your personal paradigms. Changing your paradigms will free you from old outdated patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. As a result, this might very well help you to achieve your desired goals and objectives that have so far been out of reach.

As you work through this map, you will progressively get a deeper and more profound understanding of how our paradigms influence every aspect of our lives. Moreover, you will learn about what it takes to change your personal paradigms to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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