Challenge Yourself

The Challenge Yourself IQ Matrix explores how to step up your game and challenge yourself to achieve your wildest goals and objectives. To challenge yourself requires pursuing big audacious goals that stretch your comfort zone and push you beyond your limits. This, of course, requires hustle and a go-getter mentality. It also requires embracing adversity and understanding how to make the most of your failure, mistakes, and the setbacks that life will inevitably throw your way. If you’re committed and ready to step up your game, then this map is for you. Challenge Yourself

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Challenge Yourself IQ Matrix:

  • Make Life a Challenge: The first branch of this map challenges you to turn life into a game where you are testing your limits each day. This essentially means pushing yourself to do your best and be your very best in every situation.
  • Learn to Hustle: The second branch of this map explores the value of hustle. To hustle is to consistently work with gritty determination. It’s about taking the initiative to get what you want without hesitation or delay. It’s essentially about taking massive action to do the things that others aren’t willing to do.
  • Embrace Adversity: The third branch of this map examines what it takes to embrace adversity. This is all about taking responsibility for your life and circumstances. It’s about developing the mental toughness needed to help you get through any physical or mental challenge you may face.
  • Overcome Setbacks: The final branch of this map breaks down what it takes to overcome setbacks. Setbacks are those unexpected things you must successfully deal with while in the pursuit of your goals. They are a direct consequence of poor judgment and execution that often hold people back from realizing their full potential.

As you work through this map, you will progressively discover the tremendous value of challenging yourself and how that will help you overcome life’s greatest difficulties while in the pursuit of your goals.

This map was inspired by The 100 Day Challenge.

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