Ambitious Living

The Ambitious Living IQ Matrix explores what it takes to think and live an ambitious life in the pursuit of your goals. Ambitious people think and act a certain way each day. They set clear goals, understand how to prioritize tasks and activities, and have very specific rituals and routines in place that help them build momentum.

Ambitious people are also very intentional and purposeful with their actions. They are always challenging themselves and experimenting in new ways. But even more importantly, they consistently work on optimizing how they feel and how they carry that energy forward through the day. If you want to know what it takes to live an ambitious life, then this map will provide you with the necessary guidance and direction.

Ambitious Living

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Ambitious Living mind map:

  • THE REQUIREMENTS: To live an ambitious life you need to optimize how you think as well as the feeling and emotions you bring forward through your day. This first branch walks you through the unspoken requirements for living an ambitious life.
  • SETTING CLEAR GOALS: Ambitious living requires having a profound level of clarity about the goals you seek to achieve. Without clarity, your ambitions will be nothing more than wishes and dreams that live in your imagination. Clarity is like a magnet that moves you to action and pulls you forward toward your goals. This second branch provides you with the necessary clarity you need to live an ambitious life.
  • REMOVING THE NON-ESSENTIALS: It’s easy to be ambitious. Many people have a high level of ambition. But at the same time, many of those people never quite find the time to fully commit to their ambitions. And ultimately, never accomplish their goals. To avoid this trap you must remove the non-essentials that suffocate your ambition. This branch helps you identify those non-essentials.
  • DEVELOPING A MORNING ROUTINE: The final branch of this map breaks down the essential elements that go into building an empowering morning routine. This morning routine will help build the momentum you need that will carry you forward through the day.

This map provides a roadmap and framework for ambitious living. Referencing it regularly and committing it to memory will help you to embed these principles into your subconscious mind. Only in this way will you develop optimal habits of mind and patterns of behavior that will help you live with more ambition and passion in the pursuit of your goals.

A mind map, of course, does this beautifully because it mirrors the synaptic connections made in your brain as you try to establish new habits of thought and behavior. It brings together key concepts and ideas that help your brain to fully integrate and process this information. The brain, subsequently, rewires itself as it attempts to establish new habits of mind. It’s an ideal tool for creating lasting change and transformation.

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