Act with Confidence

The Act with Confidence IQ Matrix explores what it truly takes to live with more confidence every single day. The map focuses on four key areas that form the bedrock of self-confidence. Working through each area will immeasurably enhance your confidence in any situation. The four areas of self-confidence include developing competence, taking control, making connections, and staying congruent.

Act with Confidence

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Act with Confidence IQ Matrix:

  • Develop Competence: The first branch of the map highlights the first component of self-confidence. When we develop the necessary competence in a specific area of our lives, this naturally makes us feel more confident and capable. Competence is intrinsically connected with confidence. The more confident you feel the more competent you become, and vice versa.
  • Grasp Control: The second branch of this map explores how a sense of self-control can help to boost your level of self-confidence in any situation. Specifically, it breaks down how to gain more control over mind and body, over your routine and various aspects of your life. The more control you feel you have the greater level of self-confidence you will exude.
  • Make Connections: The third branch of this map highlights how forming deeper bonds and connections with people can help boost your level of self-confidence. When you support people and genuinely show them that you care, they will likewise be there for you in times of need. Having people you can depend upon will naturally build your level of self-confidence.
  • Stay Congruent: The final branch of this map walks you through the importance of staying congruent. Congruence means being consistent in thought, feeling, and action. People who don’t have a great deal of self-confidence often lack congruence. They feel one way, but end up acting another way. To build your self-confidence you must work on being more congruent in every situation.

Working through this map will help you develop the necessary skills and mindset to help you generate the self-confidence you need to handle any situation life throws your way.

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