Acquired Wisdom

The Acquired Wisdom IQ Matrix explores how people grow wiser and more capable over time as a result of their life experience. But wisdom is more than simply a result of culmination of life experiences. More specifically it’s attributed to an integration of experience, knowledge, insight, thoughtful action and a deep understanding of oneself, others and life. Wisdom is all about learning from experience then putting that knowledge to the test. But this is of course not about intelligence. A person can be intelligent but not very wise. Intelligence is purely based on knowledge. Wisdom is based on understanding how to best use that knowledge to the greatest effect in specific situations; but of course it also goes much deeper than this.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of Acquired Wisdom IQ Matrix:

  • The Wise Person: The first branch of this map explores the various attributes and qualities of a wise person. It specifically breaks down how a wise person sees the world, how they learn from experience, how they deal with problems, how they think about their circumstances, and more.
  • Wisdom Acquisition: The second branch of this map lists all the ways that we typically acquire wisdom over time. This is of course not a passive process. Those who acquire wisdom are often the people who stretch their comfort zone to try new things and take risks. They then actively learn from their experience and put their new found knowledge to the test.
  • Acquiring Wisdom Process: The third branch of this map breaks down a four step process you can use to actively help you gain maximum value from each experience and therefore grow wiser over time. This process begins with cultivating a beginner mentality that is open to learning, exploring and experimenting. Mindfulness, dissasociation, self-reflection and continuous learning are also an important part of the process.
  • Introspection: The final branch of this map explores the value of introspection. It presents you with a series of questions you can ask yourself that help you to think about yourself and about your life in ways that will stimulate deep insight and understanding.

Progressively working through this map and integrating these concepts and ideas into your psyche will slowly begin to shift how you see yourself, how you see others, and how you see and interact with the world around you. No matter what happens to you, it becomes a learning and growing experience that can help you become a wiser, more confident and capable person over time.

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