Accepting Responsibility

The Accepting Responsibility IQ Matrix explores the value of taking full responsibility for your life’s choices, decisions and actions; whether something is your fault or not. Typically most people often shy away from taking responsibility and instead end up making excuses, complaining and/or blaming people and circumstances for their problems or predicament. This literally saps their personal power and leaves them in a very vulnerable place where they feel powerless to control their life and circumstances. On the other hand, when we accept full responsibility for absolutely everything, this naturally empowers us to take positive proactive action towards our desired aims.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Accepting Responsibility IQ Matrix:

  • Fully Accept:  Before you can switch on the “responsibility mindset”, you must fully accept that life just isn’t fair. You might do all the right things in the right way, and you will still get a kick up the backside when you least expect it. Life just isn’t fair, but that doesn’t mean that you should be complaining about it. Life isn’t fair, and we must accept that. Only then will you be in the right frame-of-mind to begin taking responsibility for everything that life throws your way.
  • Taking Responsibility:  What if you lived life by taking responsibility for absolutely everything? I mean absolutely everything, whether it was your fault or not; a problem of your own making or not… What difference could this shift in responsibility have on your life? This branch shows you what it means to take responsibility for everything and the value that this can add to your life. Now of course, “everything” doesn’t mean that global issues are your problem. But in some ways we are all part of the problem, and the little things we do can make a big difference if many of us do those little things.
  • The Requirements:  Of course in order to accept responsibility we must do certain things and be a certain way. This third branch explores the requirements for accepting responsibility for your choices, decisions, actions, problems and circumstances. Use this branch as a checklist to determine whether or not you are ready to make this shift in your life.
  • Accepting Responsibility Process:  The final two branches of this map delve into the five step process to help you begin taking responsibility for your life. This process is ideal for those times when you just think that life is unfair and you’re ready to make excuses, blame and/or complain. It’s during these times when this five step process will be of greatest value. However, you must get into the habit of consciously working through this process up until the moment it becomes second nature.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life and you will progressively begin taking more responsibility for your choices, decisions and actions. And with the acceptance of responsibility comes the desire for proactive action that will help encourage solution-based thinking to help you overcome life’s toughest challenges.

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