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The Accelerate Results IQ Matrix explores four key things you can do that will help optimize how you work so you can achieve your goals faster. These four key areas include developing competence, setting clear intentions, working with purpose, and attacking your fears.Accelerate Results

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Competence is about developing the necessary skills you need for goal achievement. When we feel competent we naturally grow in confidence, and this helps us build momentum as we work toward our goals.

Setting clear intentions is about getting very specific about how you want to be and the results you desire to achieve each day. When you’re intentional this helps you to stay focused on the things that matter most.

Working with purpose is about working toward something that has significance and meaning in your life. It’s about finding purpose in every task you undertake as you work toward your bigger long-term goals.

Attacking your fears is about proactively confronting your fears to build the momentum you need to achieve your goals. When you proactively attack your fears it helps you build forward movement that accelerates your results.

As you work through this map, you will progressively develop the skills, habits, and work ethic that will inspire you to work harder, smarter, and ultimately accelerate your results and achieve your goals.

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