Life Coaching Approach 2

The Life Coaching Approach 2 IQ Matrix will guide you through the process of life coaching by providing a break down of how to identify what a client wants, the barriers to client change, and how to effectively utilize clarifying questions, assumptions and coaching frameworks. It’s easy to overlook some of these […]

Life Coaching Approach 1

The Life Coaching Approach Part 1 IQ Matrix will guide you through the process of life coaching by providing a break down of attending strategies, listening and feedback techniques, and by outlining the process of effective questioning tactics. Of particular importance are the things that a life coach must attend […]

Decision Making Model

The Decision Making Model IQ Matrix provides you with a step-by-step process that will help you make more effective decisions about your life and circumstances. The model has been specifically developed for life coaches to help provide them with guidance when helping their clients make better decisions. However, this process can […]

Discover Life Purpose

The Discover Life Purpose IQ Matrix takes you through a very specific set of questions that will help you to gain insights into your life’s purpose, mission and vision. Your life’s purpose is that one thing that’s built around your deepest passions and longings. It is that one thing that brings incredible […]

Current Reality Identification

The Current Reality Identification IQ Matrix will help you to identify a client’s obstacles, their tendencies towards failure, and the GAP between their current reality and desired outcomes. Your first objective will be to ask a series of questions that will unlock the obstacles that are impeding your client’s progress. […]

Current Reality Evaluation

The Current Reality Evaluation mind map will help you through the process of evaluating a client’s present reality, habitual behavior patterns, learning preferences and their success strategy. Your first objective will be to analyze their current behavior patterns. Following this it is helpful to get a deeper understanding of your […]

Coaching at Work

The Coaching at Work IQ Matrix provides you with an outline of how to get the most from your staff through effective workplace life coaching practices. Every year life coaching continues to grow in the corporate sector. Executives and managers are finding that a small investment in coaching their staff can significantly boost […]

The First Life Coaching Session

The First Life Coaching Session IQ Matrix takes you through the first life coaching session with a new coaching client. The mind map and accompanying 20 page eBook lays down an outline you can follow that helps structure your first coaching session. The map specifically breaks down the purpose of life […]

Addressing Client Concerns

The Addressing Client Concerns IQ Matrix will help you to address the concerns your client has about themselves, their life and their circumstances in a resourceful, structured and creative way. It will show you how to obtain your client’s story; it explores how to solve a client’s problems through the use […]

Neuron Pattern Formation (mx)

All habits-of-mind and patterns of behavior develop over time as neuron networks are strengthened (through repetition) and hardwired into your brain. Neural scientists postulate that around 85% of our behavior occurs at an unconscious level of awareness. This is behavior conditioned into our psyche that’s a direct result of repetitively […]