360 Degree Thinking

The 360 Degree Thinking IQ Matrix will help improve your ability to think from a 360 degree view of your problems, life and circumstances. This IQ Matrix breaks down how to develop the habit of using hindsight, foresight and insight on a daily basis to help improve your ability to […]

How to Mind Map

The How to Mind Map IQ Matrix and the accompanying 20 page eBook breaks down the fundamental principles of mind mapping. Working through this map will help you to better understand the value of creating mind maps and the rules that govern mind map creation. You will also discover creative […]

Smart Study Habits

The Smart Study Habits IQ Matrix will help you to cultivate a range of effective study techniques that will help to prepare your mind for accelerated learning. The map explores how to create an ideal learning environment; the nutritional habits that will keep your mind fresh and receptive at all times; […]

Seven Intelligences

The Seven Intelligences IQ Matrix will help you to incorporate the seven fundamental study skills that are essential for accelerated learning. The mind map breaks down tools techniques and strategies to help you incorporate logical, verbal, spatial, physical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and musical intelligences into your study regime. [intense_button color=”muted” link=”http://store.iqmatrix.com/shop/seven-intelligences” title=”Purchase […]

Multi-Sensory Learning

The Multi-Sensory Learning IQ Matrix explores how to incorporate effective learning techniques that utilize your natural sensory abilities. The map introduces you to different types of multi-sensory learning. It shows you how to use visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods to enhance your learning ability. It also provides you with methods for […]

Mind Map Study Skills

The Mind Mapping Study Skills IQ Matrix explores how to effectively incorporate the fundamental principles of mind mapping to accelerate your ability to learn and assimilate information far more quickly and easily. The mind map breaks down the benefits of mind mapping, presents you with various methods of visual mapping you can […]

Improving Memory

The Improving Memory IQ Matrix will help you to develop habits of mind that will improve your memory and enhance your retention of information. The map presents you with effective memory improvement strategies; shows you how to remember names, items, lists and numbers effortlessly. It also provides you with nutritional guidelines […]

Improving Concentration

The Improving Concentration IQ Matrix explores how to boost your level of concentration throughout the day. The better you’re able to concentrate on a given task, the easier it is to learn, to manage unhelpful thoughts, to boost productivity, and direct your mind towards a single objective or goal. However, to […]

Effective Learning

The Effective Learning IQ Matrix will help improve your study skills to better prepare your mind for accelerated learning. The map provides guidelines that help you achieve your ideal learning state; presents several learning techniques that match your preferred learning style; and lists common learning challenges that may negatively influence your […]

Accelerated Reading

The Accelerated Reading IQ Matrix will help you to become a more effective and efficient reader by improving your memory and recall of the information you are reading. The mind map delves into the principles of speed reading, photo reading, while also presenting you with helpful reading study tips and techniques. […]