The Spirit and Soul (mx)

This is a topic that doesn’t have much scientific evidence to back it up. However, I wanted the MasterMind Matrix to be a comprehensive representation of interconnecting elements of the physical, psychological and spiritual worlds. Only then would we begin to understand the bigger picture that helps explain why things are the way they are.

We are more than just a body; we are an energetic being that is connected to everything that is on a sub-atomic level of existence. This is very important because our connection to “all that is” hints at the fact that we are also able to influence things that seem to be outside of our reach or direct control. Hence, we step into the world of extrasensory perception, which takes place at a spiritual level of existence.

Each of us has a Soul which is a mirror replica of the physical body that exists in space and time. We also have a Spirit which is our true state-of-being. Our Spirit is all-knowing and eternal, existing beyond space and time.

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