Infinite Intelligence | what is?

Infinite Intelligence is the purest energy in the universe. It’s in fact the total of all the energy in the universe contained within a single entity. As such, this single entity is able to interchange information and communicate with every aspect of itself at any time. It therefore holds within itself all the knowledge of the entire universe, and in fact it could be said that it’s the knowledgebank of all the collective information of the past, present and future.

This entity exists within everything, because it is everything. It’s within the largest galaxies as much as it is within the smallest of cells and subatomic particles.

We are all connected to this Infinite Intelligence and therefore all connected to each other and to everything within the universe through this energy source. However, for the most part we are not aware of this connection because we are not consciously tuned into it. Just like you need to tune into a specific radio station, so too you need to tune into this energy source in order to tap into its collective knowledge bank of information.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of “being” and the world that encompasses it. It wants to know what is there and what things are like. A study of metaphysics can help us to better understand this energy known as the Infinite Intelligence.

Now of course this energy is “infinite” and “intelligent”. It’s therefore eternal, adaptive and changing. It’s actually very much akin to the human body.

Imagine this energy being YOU. Now, every cell within your body is also YOU. It’s a small fragment of the whole YOU, but it contains within itself all aspects of who you are through your DNA. Moreover, every cell of your body intelligently communicates with every other cell of your body in order to support the whole YOU.

Now imagine that YOU are now the entire universe, and that every cell in your body is a galaxy within that universe. Every galaxy appears to be separate, and yet it is connected to the whole and in fact can communicate to the whole YOU (universe). Digging even deeper we have solar systems, planets and human beings. All of these “things” are part of the cell (galaxy), and as such they are also one with the whole of the universe.

Given all this, it’s clear to see how we are all connected to this Infinite Intelligence. However, even though we are part of the singular force, we are still individuals. Just like every cell within your body serves a purpose, you too serve a purpose within this universal mind.

By tapping into this Infinite Intelligence you can successfully begin to draw opportunities to yourself for growth that is consistent with pre-programmed patterns of behavior that can help teach you the lessons you must learn for the attainment of your life’s purpose.

What this all means is that you came here to live on this earth with a purpose in mind (unknown to you). This purpose is a spiritual purpose identified as your Personal Legend. Tapping into this Infinite Intelligence helps you unlock opportunities for growth and development that allows you to fulfil that purpose (effectively revealing how you must proceed forward).

These opportunities are of course tied to the pre-programmed patterns of behavior. These pre-programmed patterns are like a genetic code that has been shaping your life experiences through your struggles and joys.

Given this, everything you have so far experienced in your life has served a purpose with helping you unlock your life’s purpose (Personal Legend). However, it’s only through tapping into this Infinite Intelligence can you unlock the true meaning of this purpose. And all this of course comes through spiritual enlightenment via your inner mind and through the act of meditation.

Once you a locked into this Infinite Intelligence your answers will come through intuition via inspiration that is at times revealed through subtle signals within your body. Using these signals you can effectively act upon ideas to help you fulfil your Personal Legend.

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  1. Gina Huskey

    I love what you are up to here, is there a place for ongoing conversations? I would love to add that although much is done and known we are here creating and leading and calling for the infinite intelligence and that the physical triad of intentions : Joy, freedom and expansion is dependent on the physical reception/experience.

    1. Adam Sicinski

      Hi Gina. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting insights. I appreciate your comments 🙂

  2. Francis Reginald

    Hi, I find this this is very interesting as I have infinite intelligence, the common pattern is, Where there is no belief there is no trust, where assumption lies in the mind of the weak, greedy egos dominate the mind.

    This purpose you mention is what I will find.

    1. Adam Sicinski

      Thanks Francis. I absolutely agree with your thoughts about this. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      1. Francis Reginald

        I have studied Glucose for more than twenty years, D-glucose is pure, the powder is crystallized.

        So I suppose my energy consumption from the organic sugar, fully biocompatible with biochemistry, has increased some cognitive ability as it is known to do so.

        This Ubiquitous energy is a source of intelligence, I realized that Crystallized foods are very advantageous.

        Organic honey crystals, I would say, They are very potent,.. Ancient Egyptian diets were sophisticated to say the least, I would also like to add: Studying Data, it seems to have a pattern, The quality improves and it always has potential.

        1. Francis Reginald

          Nutrition is important, after studying data for a couple of years, the amount of healthy food I have is great.

          I understand Salmon is very good,

          bon appétit

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