Life is Rigged in Your Favor

The Life is Rigged in Your Favor IQ Matrix explores how we can handle problems and adversity far more effectively by interpreting our experiences a little differently. Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance when things don’t turn out the way you had expected, you can learn to challenge […]

Living Life as a Movie

The Living Life as a Movie IQ Matrix explores the value of what it would be like to pretend as though your life was a movie. Within this movie, you are the main character and lead actor/actress. You are also the Director of this movie with the power to modify […]

Dealing with Humiliation

The Dealing with Humiliation IQ Matrix explores how to handle being humiliated. The mind map specifically breaks down a seven-step process you can use to help you overcome humiliation, along with how to protect yourself from humiliation. It’s important to note here that humiliation is not the same as feeling […]

A Philosophy for Living

The Philosophy for Living IQ Matrix explores various philosophies that you can adopt to help you live life in more optimal ways. The seven philosophies included within this mind map are a philosophy for growth, for wisdom, for perspective, for gratitude, for progress, for achievement, and for connection. Each of these […]

Narcissistic Personality

The Narcissistic Personality IQ Matrix explores various facets of a narcissist’s personality. The map breaks down what it means to live with a narcissistic personality and examines how to effectively deal with the narcissists in your life. The map also breaks down a four-step process that a narcissist can use […]

Overcoming Jealousy

The Overcoming Jealousy IQ Matrix explores the steps you can take to help you feel more secure about yourself and about your relationship with other people. It’s important to mention here that jealousy is not the same as feeling envious. Jealousy is a three person situation, while envy is a […]

Overcoming Envy

The Overcoming Envy IQ Matrix explores how to work through your feelings of envy in an optimal and helpful way. The map is built upon the premise that by comparing ourselves to others and by trying to live up to society’s expectations and standards we actually hurt our own growth […]

Dealing with Manipulative People

The Dealing with Manipulative People IQ Matrix explores how to handle manipulative people whose primary objective is to control and influence you. The map initially breaks down how to recognize when a person is trying to manipulate you. Recognizing who these people are is however only the first step. Next, […]

Handling an Inconvenience

The Handling an Inconvenience IQ Matrix explores how to handle yourself and how to manage the situation when an unexpected predicament arises that takes you away from what you were planning to do. The map specifically breaks down a four step process you can use to help you handle inconveniences […]

Total Life Reinvention

The Total Life Reinvention IQ Matrix explores what it takes to completely reinvent yourself and change your life for the better. All of us go through periods of stagnation where we just kind of feel stuck and unable to move forward. It’s these exact moments that provide us with an […]