Developing the MasterMind Matrix (mx)

The development of the MasterMind Matrix began as I was undertaking my studies at the Life Coaching Institute of Australia. What I learned at the Institute was extraordinary, however there were so many gaps within this knowledge-base that I was often left feeling frustrated trying to figure out how all the pieces of our psychological puzzle fit together. What I was looking for was a diagram of some kind that would piece everything together in a structured way.

One night in 2006, I was sitting on my computer at home, and decided to try my luck creating a simple diagram that pieced together a few key components of this information. The original chart was composed of only 30 to 40 pieces (the bottom image shows version 1.5), however it presented me with a starting point and gave me something to work from.

I would spend the next 12 months (mainly evenings, nights and the very early hours of the morning) plowing through my notes and piecing the MasterMind Matrix together step-by-step. I had all these questions I needed answered about the psychology of being human, and so much more.

As I continued to expand the MasterMind Matrix, I came to the realization that many pieces were still missing. I therefore undertook further research, read more books, listened to just about every self-help program I could get my hands on to ensure that no stone would remain un-turned.

I instinctively believed that the information I was taking in could be compressed into an easy to understand format that would effectively lay down the building blocks for high levels of achievement in any field of endeavor.

By early 2007 the MasterMind Matrix had grown out of control and became a dominating part of my bedroom wall — presented in A4 sized chunks that were stuck together with tape (unfortunately I don’t have any photos).

I posted the MasterMind Matrix right on the wall beside my bed so that it would always be at the forefront of my mind as I went to sleep at night and then woke up the very next morning. The chart was still rather rough around the edges, however the main pieces were certainly in place.

Over a period of two years — moving into 2009 — I updated the chart with new snippets of information from books, NLP courses, personal experience and through working with life coaching clients. Every piece of new knowledge I acquired seemed to fit seamlessly into the chart.

In 2008 I launched the IQ Matrix blog, which is essentially built upon hundreds of self-growth mind maps that are directly connected to specific segments of the MasterMind Matrix. The purpose of each mind map is to expand areas of the MasterMind Matrix in greater depth and detail, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of what it takes to achieve success in any field of endeavor.

The chart was once again updated in 2010, and another update is certainly on the cards.

I often look back at the MasterMind Matrix and wonder how it all came together. The answer I get is: one very small piece at a time. Could this short statement hold the greatest secret to a lifetime of achievement? You be the judge.

Let’s Get Started

So let’s now jump into a discussion about each segment of the MasterMind Matrix and it’s individual components. Please click on the button below to get the journey started as we take a look at Perceptual Influences. It’s the perfect place to start this journey because everything we are today is a result of the influences we have had over our lives.

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