Vibrational Hierarchy (mx)

Everything within the Universe is made up of nothing more than vibrating forces of energy. This energy likewise connects everything we see in the Universe — every physical and non-physical object. There is therefore no separation between objects at a sub-atomic level. We are all connected; we are all one entity of life; one breathing, moving and living mechanism that’s irrevocably intertwined.

The thoughts and feelings that we generate each day have an energy signature attached to them. This energy signature can be measured as either being high or low on the vibrational hierarchy. Positive thoughts and feelings are measured high on the hierarchy, while negative thoughts and feelings are measured low on the hierarchy.

It is said that we attract “like-energy” into our lives. Therefore positive thoughts and feelings will attract positive circumstances, while negative thoughts and feelings will attract negative circumstances. We will of course discuss this in more detail as we progress further through the MasterMind Matrix.

The idea behind this “vibrational hierarchy” was heavily influenced by the book Power vs. Force, written by David R. Hawkins.

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  1. Deanie Stanford

    I believe this is all of “my” writings (from a past life perhaps). This is exactly the way that I think. I am still in a semi-conscious state but I do awaken now and then. I know it’s just a matter of time but. WOW!!! I don’t have much of a concept of time. It is glorious when the world wakes up. Everything comes together and all is clear.(makes complete sense.)

    1. Adam Sicinski

      Hi Deanie. Thanks for sharing your comments. It’s great to hear that this information resonates with you. 🙂 It certainly makes for a very interesting exploration.

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