Sleep and Energy Cycles (mx)

Getting good quality sleep and maintaining high levels of energy throughout the day are key ingredients of an active, productive and creative life. In fact these are prerequisites of success in any field of endeavor.

When it comes to getting quality sleep we must be very vigilant of our environment. It must promote sleep through proper ventilation, correct temperature levels, while minimizing sound and light sources.

We must also be vigilant of the types of foods we choose to eat and when we choose to eat them. And of course we need to pay attention to our evening routines because certain activities can help promote better sleep, while other activities can hinder sleep.

Secondly, it’s equally important to manage our energy levels throughout the day. This begins by making sensible nutritional choices and cultivating a mindset that moves us away from limiting emotions and patterns of behavior. Furthermore, we must stay active both physically and mentally throughout the day in order to maintain peak levels of energy.

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