Don’t be Stubborn

The Don’t be Stubborn IQ Matrix explores how to become more accepting and open to other people’s opinions and ideas. When we’re stubborn we often lock ourselves away from a world of new insights and perspectives. Little do we realize at the time that our stubbornness is actually denying us access to some fantastic opportunities that could help move our lives forward in a better way. This map specifically looks at how to overcome this debilitating habit that could be robbing you of the happiness and fulfillment you deserve to have.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Don’t be Stubborn IQ Matrix:

  • Being Stubborn:  This branch explores the nature of stubbornness. Stubbornness is actually a defensive mechanism that we use to protect ourselves from harm. This harm can of course be real or imagined. How helpful or unhelpful it is just depends on the situation. However, there are quite a number of reasons why you might be feeling stubborn. This branch outlines all these reasons clearly in front of you. The branch also explores the first step you must take to overcome stubbornness. That first step comes in the form of being willing to accept the fact that you are fallible.
  • Overcoming Stubbornness:  The next two branches of this map break down a five step process you can use to overcome moments of stubbornness. Your first task is to acknowledge your stubbornness; your second task is to listen openly to the other person; your third task is to find the courage to question your assumptions; your fourth task is to think through the situation carefully; and your final task is to respond appropriately. All these steps are presented in far more detail within the map and include several self-reflection questions that will help shift how you think about the situation.
  • Further Guidelines:  This branch presents some further guidelines that will help you to work through moments of stubbornness more effectively. You will find that in some situations being stubborn can actually be quite helpful, however in other situations your stubbornness will only cause more problems. It’s up to you to recognize these differences.
  • Dealing with Stubborn People:  The final branch of this map takes on a different perspective and looks at ways you can deal with the stubborn people in your life. This branch presents you with a three step process you can use to handle a stubborn person. The branch also outlines some interesting approaches you can take to encourage a stubborn person to let their guard down.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your life, and you will progressively become more open and accepting of other people’s opinions, perspectives and ideas. No longer will stubbornness control your life and cloud your judgement. Instead, you will now be receptive to alternate points of view that can potentially help improve your life for the better.

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