Personality Types 13-16

The Personality Types 13-16 IQ Matrix breaks down 4 of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory is to make the theory of psychological types described by Carl Jung understandable and useful in people’s lives. Carl Jung speculated that there are four principal psychological functions by which humans experience the world: Sensation, Intuition, Feeling and Thinking. Jung stipulated that each of these four functions is dominant for a person most of the time. The essence of the theory is that we all have specific preferences in the way we construe our experiences. As a result, these preferences underlie our interests, needs, values, skills and motivation; effectively placing us in one of the 16 personality types

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Personality Types 13-16 IQ Matrix:

Each of the four branches of this IQ Matrix explore different personality types as identified by the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator. The personality types broken down within this map include The Supervisor (ESTJ), The Promoter (ESTP), The Inspector (ISTJ), and The Craftsman (ISTP).

For each of the four personality types explored within this map the IQ Matrix breaks down the qualities, behavior, and interests applicable to each type. Reading through each branch will help you to better recognize whether or not each specific personality type is a fit for you or for the people in your life. As a result you will be better able to adapt to the various personality types you come across in your daily interactions with others. Moreover, this understanding will help you to more readily and easily influence other people based on their personality type and preferences.

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