An Empowered Morning

The Empowered Morning IQ Matrix explores the positive effects of creating a morning ritual and the value that this can add to your life. Time and again high achievers are asked what are their keys to success. And of course every person will undoubtedly give a variety of different responses. However, if we get to the core of what makes these people successful, we will find that it’s the consistent habits and rituals they partake-in each and every day that make all the difference. They do specific things before work, during work and after work that help them realize optimal results. And what you will find in many cases is that these high achievers almost always have an empowering morning ritual that gets their day started on the right track in the most optimal frame-of-mind.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Empowered Morning IQ Matrix:

  • The Morning Routine:  What is the real value of developing a morning routine? Within the first branch of this mind map we discuss what it means to dedicate yourself to developing an empowering morning routine. Moreover, this branch also explores the value added benefits that a morning routine can bring to your life.
  • Six Empowering Morning Rituals:  The remaining three branches of the map unlock the six empowering morning rituals you can undertake to help set your day up on the right track. These six morning rituals include: Meditation, Learning, Exercise, Journaling, Visualization and Affirmations. Many people might be thinking that they already know and understand what these rituals are all about, but many of those people would also be mistaken. Every one of these six rituals has a purpose and plays a critical role in your morning routine. Understanding the specifics of what is involved in each ritual and the value you will derive from practicing it daily can be the “game changer” you have been searching for. Yes, they are simplistic rituals, but “simple” doesn’t mean that most people understand how they should be performed to create real-world results in their life. Using this map as a reference tool will help you gather the necessary insights to turn something that many people take for granted into a powerful mechanism to move your life forward in a better way.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate these morning rituals into your life, and you will progressively develop the habits you need to create the momentum required to help you join the ranks of the highest achievers. However, this process will take a little time. Getting into the habit of incorporating these daily morning rituals into your life will take at the very least 30 days of consistent effort. You must therefore commit wholeheartedly to undertaking your morning routine regularly without excuses. That is the only way to build long-term results you desire to create.

This IQ Matrix was adapted from Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning. Check our Hal Elrod’s website for more.

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