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The Making Small Talk IQ Matrix explores the six critical steps required for making small talk work for you in a business or social setting. Making small talk isn’t about “question and answer” time. Yes, questions are a part of the process, but a lot more goes into making effective small talk than one might initially realize. Small talk is about helping you build the necessary early rapport you need to create a meaningful interaction that gives you the best chance possible at growing this relationship further in the future. Many opportunities are missed, simply because the average person struggles with making small talk work for them. Hopefully after going through this map, you won’t have the same troubles.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Making Small Talk IQ Matrix:

  • Effective Small Talk:  The first branch of this map explores what “small talk” is all about. It is more than just a random conversation with a stranger. It’s something that can build meaningful relationships that can benefit all parties involved. However, in order to make “small talk” work for you, it does require that you are enter the conversation with genuine and sincere interest in the other person.
  • The Six Step Process:  The remaining three branches of this map break down the six step process for making “small talk”. These steps include: preparing yourself, approaching the person, creating comfort, making a revelation about yourself, digging deeper into certain topics, and ending the interaction on a high note. Attached to each of these steps is a series of guidelines that can help you make the most of the conversations you have with strangers to help you lay down the foundations for a potentially fruitful business or personal relationship.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your interactions with others and you will progressively begin to feel ever so more comfortable with talking to strangers and laying down the foundations needed to spawn fruitful long-term relationships. This will of course take work on your part. Making small talk takes practice. However, with practice you will develop the necessary skills needed to begin building deep levels of rapport with other people upon first meeting them.

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