Life’s Too Serious

The Life’s Too Serious IQ Matrix will help you lighten up by shifting your perspective about the small irritants and inconveniences that tend to rile you up emotionally throughout the day. Many of us typically go about our day worrying and stressing about stuff. Moreover, we get easily frustrated, overwhelmed and even angered by events and circumstances that we don’t seem to have much control over. And this is of course all because of the fact that we just take life too seriously. This map will help you to lighten up by shifting how you think about your life and circumstances so that you can begin enjoying your life instead of fretting about all the small stuff that really doesn’t matter.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Life’s Too Serious IQ Matrix:

  • Living Life Seriously:  The first branch explores what it means to live seriously. The people that take life too seriously have certain traits and habits of mind that are easy to recognize. If you recognize yourself within this branch, then it might just be time to lighten up.
  • Shifting Perspective:  In order to begin taking life a little less seriously requires a perspective shift. This second branch will help shift how you think about your emotional experiences, your life and the circumstances that you find yourself in. Slight shifts in these areas will naturally help you to make the necessary changes to begin living life in a more carefree and optimal way.
  • Time for Acceptance:  Before you can start taking life less seriously, there are certain things that you must accept. This third branch breaks down the things that you must wholeheartedly accept as a natural part of life. Resistance will only lead you astray. For this very reason it’s important to fully recognize, agree with and accept the intricacies of life discussed within this branch.
  • The Lighten Up Action Plan:  The final branch of this map provides you with several guidelines you can follow to successfully move yourself from taking life seriously, to living life with more of a carefree attitude. This of course doesn’t mean that you no longer care about your life, other people or circumstances. What it does mean is that you no longer blow the insignificant stuff that doesn’t really matter out of proportion. Yes, it’s time to lighten up and start living life in a more optimal way.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily life, and you will progressively begin letting go of the anger, overwhelm, stresses, worries, and frustrations that are making you feel absolutely miserable. Of course taking charge of these emotions requires making slight shifts in the way you see the world, your life and the events and circumstance around you. Only then will you stop living so seriously and begin enjoying your life.

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