Dealing with Bullies

The Dealing with Bullies IQ Matrix helps kids grasp a quick yet comprehensive overview of bullying. The mind map will show them two sides of a coin as they step into the victim’s as well as into the bully’s world. They will also discover how to build confidence, how to avoid bullies, how to sensibly confront bullies and also how to deal with the aftermath of a bullying incident.

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Here is a quick break down of each branch of the Dealing with Bullies IQ Matrix:

  • Bullying:  Explores the consequences that bullying has on victims of bullying. This branch also delves into the reasons why bullies tend to use bullying as a means of getting what they want from others.
  • Building Confidence:  Bullies often threaten victims who lack confidence or who haven’t yet developed strong social skills. This branch explores how kids can build confidence in themselves and in their own abilities. This confidence will provide them with the self-belief they need to stand up to whatever challenges life throws their way.
  • Avoiding Bullies:  Having confidence can only take us so far. If bullies are causing trouble, then most times the best thing to do is to simply avoid them. This branch provides kids with ideas and suggestions that will help them to avoid confronting bullies.
  • Confronting Bullies:  At times no matter what kids do, bullies will be difficult to avoid. They must therefore prepare mentally for those uncomfortable moments when a bully will confront them. This branch provides kids with ideas and suggestions on how best to confront a bully when there are no other options left to take.
  • After Being Bullied:  Most bullying incidents that take place go left unresolved. Kids might naturally feel uncomfortable and afraid to talk with adults about their experiences. This branch provides kids with a plan of action that they can work-through to help gain the support they need to put an end to bullying.

Help your kids stick with these principles and memorize them as best they can, and they will progressively acquire the knowledge, experience and confidence they need to eradicate bullying from their life.

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