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The Vibrational Hierarchy is built upon the work of David R. Hawkins who explored these vibrations within his bestselling book, Power vs. Force. However, his work has somewhat been adapted to fit within the framework and context of the MasterMind Matrix.

Within his book David R. Hawkins attempts to analyze the basic nature of human thought and consciousness through a fusion of the mystical and the scientific. Moreover, he explores kinesiology and its connection with the new physics and ancient Eastern philosophy using theoretical concepts from particle physics, nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory to support his study of human behavior.

Within the context of the MasterMind Matrix the vibrational hierarchy exists as a guide that helps us understand the connection between various emotional experiences and the vibrational energies we project out into the world.

The vibrational hierarchy displays 17 emotional states organized from the lowest vibrational forces to the highest. Shame is on the bottom of the list while enlightenment is on the top. In between we have various other emotional experiences that progressively allow us to vibrate at a higher level as we move up the scale toward enlightenment.

Each emotion we experience has a certain spiritual vibration associated with it. This vibrational frequency progressively rises as we move up the hierarchy.

At the lower end of this hierarchy we have shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, and anger. Experiencing any of these emotions means that we are vibrating at a very low frequency. These vibrations subsequently attract very low frequency events, people and circumstances into our lives that match these vibrations (see: vibrational attraction and karma). As a result we experience the lows and misfortunes of life.

A person cannot for instance experience a high level of fortune and fulfilment in life for an extended period of time if they persistently allow themselves to vibrate at the lower end of this spectrum. It’s just not possible; the universe will not have it as it goes against its laws.

In order to improve your life and achieve your desired goals you must progressively move up the hierarchy; out of the red and into the orange and blue sections. However, this takes time and effort.

Your life will only improve and you will only attract the right people, events and circumstances into your life to achieve your goals when you vibrate at a higher level. And the only way to vibrate at a higher level is to progressively move up the hierarchy where you begin to identify yourself through each emotional experience separately.

You cannot for instance live with a fear-based identity while wanting to act courageously. Instead, you must progressively move from Fear to Desire to Anger (i.e. feeling fed up with your life and therefore being determined to change) to Pride and then to Courage. There is no skipping steps here. You can only move up this scale progressively over time as you work on yourself and on developing your mind.

Emotional Intelligence is of course a big factor that can help you work your way up this hierarchy.

You will notice within the MasterMind Matrix that only when you’re within the “blue” do your goals begin to come to fruition. If you’re existing within the orange section it shows that you’re making positive changes that will eventually allow you to achieve your goals. However, if you’re persistently existing within the “red” then the honest truth is that your life will always suck. It will suck because the level at which you’re vibrating is not going to attract into your life the people, events and/or circumstances that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Yes, it’s very possible your desires might come to fruition temporarily, but it won’t last. Sooner or later your vibrations will attract some kind of setback or misfortune (that’s aligned with your energy levels) that will end up taking everything away from you. That’s the reality of life; these are the laws of the universe.

So as you work your way through the MasterMind Matrix, keep in mind that this vibrational hierarchy influences absolutely everything you do and everything you are and become. It is always present in your life and it’s up to you to progressively move yourself up this scale.

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