Vibrational Attraction | what is?

Vibrational Attraction is a form of energy exchange that occurs on a spiritual level.

Everything we do, think and emotionalize sends out energy into the world. For instance when we are happy we send out a higher level energy, and when we are sad we send out a lower level energy.

The universe works in a vacuum of sorts. This effectively means that whatever level energy you send out and project into the world, that is exactly the level of energy that is returned back to you. This happens because in a vacuum whenever energy is released it is automatically replaced. And you of course are part of that vacuum.

Let’s say that you’re absolutely petrified and afraid to take a certain kind of action that will move you toward your goal. Your fears have projected a very low vibrational level of energy out into the world. As such, this energy now needs to be filled within this vacuum with the same kind of energy.

On the vibrational hierarchy fear is a low level energy. Projecting this energy out into the world will now attract into your life events, people and circumstances that effectively match that level of energy vibration. For you that could come in the form of criticism, rejection, or possibly a misfortune of some sort will occur. You experience this criticism, rejection or misfortune because of the vacuum effect where the energy you project out into world is now mirrored back to you. This energy can of course come in other forms as well such as in the form of setbacks, problems, illness, people, accidents and or in any other form that matches the level of vibration you initially projected out into the world. This process could even be described as a form of karma.

This in essence is what vibrational attraction is all about. As such, we must be very careful to take care that we are always projecting high vibrational frequencies. Only in this way are we likely to attract favorable people, events and circumstances that impact us in positive and helpful ways.

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