The Unseen Reality (mx)

Here we get into the realm of unseen reality. This is a topic that is difficult to write about because there is very little scientific evidence supporting it. But I’ll do my best to briefly describe how it is intertwined into the MasterMind Matrix.

There is a unified field that connects all of us. Some people call this field “God” while others see it as a source of energy or an Infinite Intelligence of sorts. This Infinite Intelligence is a knowledge-bank of collective information that has accumulated over eons. It draws to each person opportunities for growth that are consistent with pre-programmed patterns of behavior — teaching lessons that we must learn to prepare us for the attainment of our Personal Legend.

As we go about our day we are exposed to people, events and circumstances that are brought forth into our lives via this collective source of intelligence. They are there to help us learn the lessons we must learn in order to overcome the obstacles that will assist with the fulfillment our Personal Legend.

IQ Matrix Maps

Below you will find relevant IQ Matrix maps that are part of this segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart:

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Here are several recommended books that will provide you with more insights and information about this specific segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

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