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Life is built upon foundational laws that govern our existence. Some laws are of course quite obvious these days. For instance the laws of physics are widely accepted and rarely questioned. However, there are a set of other laws that also govern our lives. These laws are less understood, but equally as influential in the way they color our perception of reality.

The Universal Laws listed within this section of the MasterMind Matrix are intertwined comprehensively into the fabric of this chart — governing every aspect of our psychological lives. They are all metaphysical in nature; however science is slowly beginning to unlock the hidden mysteries that these laws bring forth into our lives.

When we begin to understand and align ourselves with these Universal Laws, we start to move into a state of effortless momentum — allowing you to bring your goals and objectives into physical reality far more easily.

Whether you accept these laws or not is irrelevant. It’s how you use them that makes all the difference.

IQ Matrix Maps

Below you will find relevant IQ Matrix maps that are part of this segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart:

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