Seasons of Transformation (mx)

At one of Jim Rohn’s events he mentioned that our lives move through cycles that parallel the seasons of the earth. These seasons are constantly shifting — moving us through different stages of experience and awareness.

  • Summer is the season of celebration, rewards and fulfillment. It is a time to accomplish our goals and objectives.
  • Autumn is the season of mistakes, problems and survival. It is a time where we lose focus, get distracted and experience the consequences of our errors.
  • Winter is the season of planning, hibernation and self-reflection. It is a time to find inner peace, solitude and to plan forward for the future.
  • Spring is the season for opportunity, dynamic thinking and learning. It is a time to develop new skills, habits and contacts.

You will pass through all of these seasons at one time or another and probably many times over. And that’s okay. Just remember that nothing lasts forever.

The good times nor the bad times will always be here. What’s most important is that we learn to adapt and make the most of the changes that life throws our way.

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