The Luck Factor (mx)

Luck is often viewed as a mysterious fortunate occurrence that blesses some people and not others. However, if we dig a little deeper behind the science of luck we soon realize that having luck is not so much about chance but rather about choice. In fact, it’s the daily choices we make that determine how much luck we are likely to experience over the course of our lives.

If you have followed the guidelines along this journey and incorporated many of the ideas, techniques and strategies presented within the MasterMind Matrix, then you are more than well on your way towards attracting the right people, circumstances, information and events that will help you to achieve your goals and objectives. Others will call you lucky, but you will of course know better. 🙂

Luck isn’t a mystical and misunderstood element of life. It is very much a science that is built upon our thoughts, values, beliefs, habits, language patterns, questions, attitude, perspectives, traits and actions.

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