Temperaments | what are?

A temperament is a cluster of inborn traits that influence what you do and help form and shape your personality.

Each of these traits has a unique and distinct manner of behavior. In fact, these behavioral tendencies manifest in natural preferences, weaknesses and strengths. In many ways they actually drive you to act in a certain way.

A temperament can also be described as a person’s animal nature. It’s essentially how people are at the core of their being that effectively determines how a person reacts to situations, responds to events and relates to others.

These core behaviors need to be satisfied in order to enhance self-worth and sense of value.

You can of course resist these natural tendencies and try to behave in a way that works against¬†your temperament, however this won’t last long as you will tend to always come back to your natural authentic state.

When you embrace your temperament you feel most natural and alive. Things just feel comfortable because it allows you to express yourself most effectively and naturally. In fact, when you express your natural temperament it allows you to have the greatest positive impact on others.

There are four primary temperament categories that we all fall into. These include the Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and the Melancholy temperaments. Each of these temperaments is further subdivided into various temperament blends.

To find out more about temperaments and the influence they have on our lives, please view the work of John T. Cocoris.

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