Subtle Body Energies | what are?

Subtle Body Energies are akin to layers of an onion that wrap around the physical body. Combined they create what we call the aura.

There are three physical plane bodies and three spiritual plane bodies, and you also have the astral body which effectively functions as a bridge between the lower and higher bodies.

The three lower bodies process energies dealing with the physical plane. The upper three bodies process energies from the spiritual plane.

Here is a quick breakdown of the seven subtle bodies:

  • The Etheric Body: Is the closest body to the physical body and it has quite a dense nature. In many ways it replicates the physical body and its organs on an energetic level.
  • The Emotional Body: Is associated with feelings. It does not mirror or duplicate the physical body. It rather projects a vast array of colors that represent human emotional experiences.
  • The Mental Body: Is associated with thought and mental processing. It radiates energy around the head and shoulders when a person is in deep thought, concentration or self-reflection.
  • The Astral Body: Is a bridge to the spiritual plane. It is in fact a link to the astral plane where you begin to experience higher vibrational frequencies of energy that are not associated with the material world.
  • The Etheric Template Body: Is akin to a template body that comes into existence before the physical body is formed. The physical body therefore comes to existence based on this template. It co-exists with the physical body but on another dimensional plane (a different vibrational frequency).
  • The Celestial Body: Is the spiritual emotional plane that taps into bliss and spiritual ecstasy. Divine love and interconnectedness achieved through deep states of meditation can help you to tap into this plane of existence.
  • The Causal Body: Is the mental equivalent of the Mental Body existing on the spiritual plane. It contains within itself all other lower level bodies and can extend up to 3.5 feet from the physical body and vibrates at a very high frequency. The Causal Body is what helps you tap into Infinite Intelligence.

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