Serendipity | what is?

Serendipity is an occurrence and development of unexpected, unlikely, but fortunate and desirable chain of events that work to your favor.

Serendipity is allowing yourself to experience flow by synchronizing yourself with the natural rhythm and flow of life. In this way you might be chasing something you think you want (a specific goal) but in the end you actually end up getting something else that you never realized would make you happy. As such serendipity effectively becomes the moment of clarity when you discover that you’re actually where you need to be. It’s as though you have been guided by a higher power to this unexpected and unfathomable place in time.

Many times we chase things that we think will make us happy, but in reality happiness is far easier to achieve if we just go with the flow of life and allow synchronicity and serendipity to take over.

With all this in mind we must make an effort to search for contentment wherever we are. And contentment of course comes from a place of gratitude and appreciation for what we have here in this moment. Only in this way will serendipitous events take over.

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