Self-Sabotage Forces (mx)

When you venture onto the Path of Self-Destruction, you step into a vicious cycle of stress, anxiety, doubt, fear and emotional upheaval. You may very well have big dreams for the future, however they will unfortunately never be realized because of your inability to manage the self-sabotaging forces in your life.

Your decision to venture onto this path is not made at the crossroads (discussed in a previous section) but rather much earlier. In fact, your actions here are directly influenced by everything we have discussed thus far as we have progressed along our journey through the MasterMind Matrix. You will therefore NEVER truly break-free from this path unless you first work through each individual segment of the MasterMind Matrix leading up to the Path of Uncertainty.

Keep in mind that the more you tend to indulge in these self-sabotaging forces, the more likely your comfort zone will constrict — forcing you to seek security, to resist change, and to fall victim to your emotional tendencies.

IQ Matrix Maps

Below you will find relevant IQ Matrix maps that are part of this segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart:

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Here are several recommended books that will provide you with more insights and information about this specific segment of the MasterMind Matrix chart.

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