Reframing | what is?

Reframing is a linguistic tool used to consciously change your limiting frames to help support your desired goals, beliefs and behaviors. Reframing does this by interrupting your old unhelpful thought patterns with new interpretations and perspectives of reality that are more helpful and supportive of your desired objectives. In other words, reframing helps you put events and circumstances into a different context that is more favorable.

Reframing is very much akin to changing the meaning of an event or experience in order to put yourself into a more positive and resourceful state-of-mind. Therefore instead of sabotaging yourself, you are adopting more useful ways of thinking and doing things that will help you to potentially overcome your personal limitations, boundaries, phobias, fears and even trauma.

Reframing is very much like changing a picture in a picture frame. The frame hasn’t changed, however the picture within the frame is now different. In other words, the situation hasn’t changed, however your view of the situation is now different than what it was before. You are therefore not changing the situation, but rather changing your view of the situation in a more helpful and optimal way.

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