References | what are?

References are fragments and snippets of information your brain collects as you interact with the world around you. Typically these references are external coming from your daily experiences, and from your exposure to people’s beliefs and opinions as well as through new information from your environment. However, references can also be internal coming from your imagination and through the process of visualization.

References are very much akin to the proof and evidence you collect over a period of time that indicates to you that something about a specific subject is believable and true.

The more logical and emotional these references the more believable they become. Subsequently with enough references about a certain topic or subject area you begin to form ideas in your mind about these things. These ideas then quickly start to form opinions, and eventually those opinions (with enough references behind them) can form beliefs and convictions.

Faith can also effectively build references. As such, with enough faith you can develop suitable references (proof and evidence) that will eventually shape your opinions and thereby form new empowering beliefs in the process.

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