Current Reality Identification and Evaluation | what is?

These are two steps within the life coaching process that help the life coach get a better understanding of a client’s life and circumstances. This information is then used to help lay down the groundwork for future coaching sessions.

While working through these steps the life coach will try and get a better understanding of their client’s current reality and (to a minimal extent) past reality in order to get a better idea of how this is affecting their future reality. They are essentially wanting to pinpoint the gap that exists between where the client is in their life at this very moment compared to where they desire to be at a future point in time.

Additional areas under evaluation here are the current obstacles the client faces, their preferred learning style, and their strategy for failure and success. This essentially means unlocking the step-by-step process they go through when they achieve and when they fail to achieve a goal. Moreover, it requires an understanding of how the client learns from this experience and how they adapt moving forward. Only in this way can the life coach pinpoint how best to proceed forward.

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