Reading Facial Gestures

The Reading Facial Gestures IQ Matrix explores how to better recognize and understand the meaning of various facial expressions and gestures in other people. We are typically very conscious of the way we express ourselves verbally. The words we speak communicate to others what’s on our mind. However, people don’t always say what’s on their mind. In fact, people may hold back and refrain from speaking their mind in various social situations, or may even consciously choose to mislead us with their choice of words. As such, their words will often not reveal what they are thinking and feeling internally. However, what’s hidden within still expresses itself externally through people’s facial gestures in numerous ways. Therefore oftentimes we can get a pretty good understanding of what’s on a person’s mind through a simple observation of their facial gestures.

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Here is a quick breakdown of each branch of the Reading Facial Gestures IQ Matrix:

All four branches of the Reading Facial Gestures map explore various expressions and gestures people make and the underlying meaning behind them. The map isolates the head, face, cheeks, chin, mouth, lips, eyes, teeth, tongue, nose and forehead and examines how people typically use their face to express their thoughts, emotions and feelings in a variety of ways.

It’s important to note that no facial gesture should be looked at in isolation. There are numerous gestures that are expressed in a very similar way that lead to very different underlying thoughts and emotions. It’s therefore paramount to look for patterns within a combination of gestures before jumping to any conclusions about what the other person might be thinking, emotionalizing or feeling.

Stick with these principles, memorize and incorporate them into your daily interactions with others and you will progressively develop the ability to look beyond the words people speak. You will no longer take people’s words at face value; instead you will have the ability to see, hear, and feel beyond those words and into the underlying thoughts, emotions and feelings that express themselves through people’s facial gestures.

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