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Questions are the source of answers, insights, new understandings and the solutions we are searching for to help us overcome life’s challenges. More importantly questions are the lifeblood of our thought patterns. They help direct our mind and determine what we give our attention to.

When we learn to ask the right kinds of questions in the right way, we begin to open doors to new opportunities.

Asking the right kinds of questions will empower us to keep moving forward towards the attainment of our goals and objectives. These questions are primarily focused on finding solutions and on directing our attention onto what we want to do, be, have and achieve.

Alternatively, questions can also be very limiting. These questions are focused on our weaknesses, on problems and on the things that we don’t want in our lives. Therefore, the questions we ask throughout the day are either moving us forward or holding us back. The choice of question is yours to make.

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