Procrastination (mx)

Our choices are built upon the foundations of pain and pleasure. This pain-pleasure response influences our choices and the actions we will take in any given situation.

Procrastination often ensues when we choose to avoid short-term pain in order to gain temporary pleasure. We convince ourselves that taking action will be more painful than not taking action. As a result we delay the pain and gain temporary relief by focusing on something else.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate. These reasons include — but are not limited to — fear, perfectionism, lack of focus, impossible expectations, guilt, self-criticism and overwhelm.

In order to beat procrastination we must focus on cultivating self-discipline, and on the habit of taking personal responsibility for all our decisions and actions. We must also address all the reasons why we procrastinate.

Finally, it’s important to understand that procrastination is ONLY a symptom of other underlying problems that must be addressed if we desire to move beyond this debilitating habit.

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