Seven Planes of Existence | what are?

This is a topic I personally haven’t studied to any great length. It’s therefore not something that I know a great deal about. However, it’s something I wanted to include within the MasterMind Matrix as it helps provide a 360 degree view of our place within the universe.

The idea here is that there are Seven Planes (or Realms) of Existence in which All-That-IS, in its limitless expression as Creation, just IS. It is important to understand these Planes in order to clarify why and where our beliefs, programs, contracts, commitments, initiations and healings originate. We operate physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as part of and connected to all the Planes. Every Plane is working in our body in complete harmony to create life at all times. Every Plane operates within this Third Plane, where we, as humans, reside.

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