Physiological State | what is?

Physiology is a broad term that refers to the movement of the body, gestures made, posture, eyes, rate and depth of breathing, level of muscle tension, facial expressions, position of limbs, and alignment of the spine and head.

Your Physiological State on the other hand is reflected in the mind-body connection where your mind reflects your physiology by responding to its levels of tension, rate of breath, speed of movement, and to your attention and mental focus. Likewise your body mirrors your thoughts, feelings, mood, and responds to your state of mind, the questions you ask and the words you speak each day. Both are intrinsically connected and intertwined in an intimate dance that lasts a lifetime.

If the mind and body are intrinsically connected — meaning that one has a direct affect on the other — then it poses the argument that if we directly and consciously take control of one, that it will directly influence and transform the other. Therefore by taking the time to purposefully adjust how you use your body will immediately influence your state of mind, and could likewise dramatically transform the course of your decisions and actions.

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