Personal Standards | what are?

Personal Standards are effectively a set of behaviors. These behaviors are built upon expectations you have of yourself in a variety of situations. They are in some respects performance standards. They lay down the benchmarks of performance for your life.

You personal standards are reflected in how you treat yourself, and also in how you treat other people. They are also reflected in how you expect to be treated by other people.

When you have high standards you expect to be treated with the highest of regard. However, when your standards are low it suggests that you are lacking self-esteem. In such instances you probably allow yourself to fall prey to the influence of other people. Other people probably often take advantage of you because you fail to stand up for what you believe. As such, your personal standards are intricately intertwined with your level of self-esteem. Therefore to raise your self-esteem requires you first begin by raising your personal standards.

Your personal standards are also reflected in the promises you keep, in the way you dress and manage your life, health, finances and environment. They are also reflected in the quality of your work, values and communication. In fact, everything you do and say gives others an indication of the personal standards you live by.

If for instance your work or home environment is messy and disorganized, than that reflects the standards you uphold in these areas of your life. On the other hand, when your environment is clean and orderly that in itself sends a very different message about the personal standards you live by.

Because your personal standards are reflected in so many areas of your life and in so many different ways, they are therefore always “on show” for other people. You are therefore always sending messages about how you feel about yourself, about others, and about your life, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. You are also always being judged by other people based on those messages.

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